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Gatwick Express sees passenger increase

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Gatwick Express, the non-stop rail-air link between central London and Gatwick Airport, has seen a 17 per cent increase in passengers in the past year.

The service continues to attract air passengers away from road and other rail services.

Says Alex Foulds, Development Director for Southern Railway which now runs the Gatwick Express, ‘Considering the context of a 6.9 per cent rise in airport passengers at Gatwick, these figures reveal the robust health of the Gatwick Express brand. We are seeing a rise in both leisure and business travellers from the UK and overseas.’


  1. I was at Gatwick today. I do not understand why anyone pays the premium for the Gatwick Express. Surely FCC offer the best flexibility of useful central London destinations, and Southern caters for South Londoners with interchanges at East Croyden and (my destination today) Clapham Junction.

    The rail station (signed as a train station from the south terminal) seems in as bad a state as it has been for years. Do the builders’ hoardings, peculiar layout and terrible flooring have no end?

    The queues for the ticket windows were long. The ticket machine I used was slow and clunky and not user friendly in any manner. The touch screen was unsensitive in places as well as having a built in delay which made the entry of a destination station almost impossible. Why with all the computing power available do machines not offer the best price ticket available at the time of purchase? Of course they don’t, or Gatwick Express would not be seeing such growth.


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