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Contracts let for HS2

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Three contracts have been let for the next stage of High Speed 2, Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.

The contracts will provide preparatory engineering and environmental services for each leg of the route. AECOM Ltd wins the £3.1m contract covering engineering services for the west leg of the route, from Birmingham to Manchester.

Mott MacDonald has been awarded the contract, valued at £3.2m, for the east leg of the route, from Birmingham to Leeds. Arup has been awarded a £1.1m contract covering environmental services for both legs of the route.

Says Alison Munro, Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd, ‘HS2 will transform the UK through bringing our major cities closer together, helping to promote economic growth, driving regional regeneration, creating thousands of jobs and providing a long-term solution to the capacity crunch facing our existing rail network.

‘We have already created 1,200 jobs through our Professional Services Framework for Phase One of the scheme and Phase Two will create thousands more. We have achieved a tremendous amount so far and we now have an excellent team in place to take Phase Two forward to the next stages, including the consultation which has been brought forward to start later this year.’


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