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Wake up call for Lincoln

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Rail engineers have come up with a specially designed cyclists and pedestrians bridge to make crossing the railway in Lincoln city centre safer.

Plans now being discussed by the city council involve Network Rail buying the Sleep Shop, now at 179 High Street. The adjoining Superdrug store will also be purchased. The building will be remodelled to accommodate the bridge, which includes steps, extra large lifts and a ‘gully’ for cyclists to use. English Heritage is involved.

Says Route Managing Director, Phil Verster, ‘High Street level crossing in Lincoln remains our worst level crossing for instances of misuse. These range from people running across after the warnings have started to thoroughly reckless acts such as lifting or climbing over the barriers once they are down.

‘In such circumstances the signaller has no way to stop an oncoming train. We understand that a lot of misuse is driven by frustration at having to wait at the barriers. The level crossings at High Street and Brayford Wharf East, which sees similar issues, are already of the highest possible safety design.’


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